*Nier: Automata spoilers inside*

NieR: Automata is getting its first DLC update, and as someone who hasn’t beaten the game yet, it is available to me with a quick jump over into the game’s coliseum. The outfits and special boss fights it brings are just a quick button press on the map away.

However, for those that have beaten the game, you know that you’ll have to start from scratch to access it. As part of the game’s final ending, Director Yoko Taro pulls the rug out from under players by deleting their save file. As a means of storytelling, it works perfectly fine.

As a way to pitch DLC to players and extended the financial lifecycle of a game, it is not. Those who have to start back at the very beginning of the game must battle to the area where the colosseum unlocks and power their characters back up to adequate stats to challenge bosses.

Fans will say it’s genius

Yoko Taro is quickly becoming the David Lynch of gaming in that any mistakes he makes or any inconveniences his games push on players will be considered “smart” in his fan’s eyes. Of course, this is just a part of his ultimate goal of pointing out the silliness of the modern day DLC atmosphere and punishing gamers for treating his creation like every other game on the market.

Or something to the tune of that. I don’t buy it, but I will buy the DLC because I love me some NieR: Automata! Check it out today!