In what seems to be a shock to a lot of gamers, a study by Nielsen shows that gamers are most excited for titles from familiar franchises. Ranking atop Nielsen's list are Halo 4 (#1 for the Xbox 360) and Assassin's Creed III (#1 for PlayStation 3 and #2 for Xbox 360).

The study is comprised of "eight key consumer metrics, including Awareness and Purchase Interest, into one overall score." We're not exactly sure how to put a number on such qualities, but Nielsen has found a way and put together this list.

It seems that gamers are all about the sequels this year, according to Nielsen. Although there are sure to be solid sequels, we find it odd that the new first-time titles are practically non-existent on this list.

Being that most of the titles on the list are sequels, or something along those lines, it's hard to believe a title like Bioshock Infinite ranks a measly  9 out of 10 on the Xbox 360, and 8 out of 10 on the PlayStation 3. With all the hype and conversation that this game has created months before its launch, it's surprising that Nielsen study has it so far down the list.

Looking at this list, one may get the notion that the video game industry is following the same path as the movie industry. That is, of course, the release of remakes, sequels, further iterations of old ideas, and a lack of original content. It's easy to milk success from a title that has already made a developer millions of dollars, as many people believe 343 Industries may be doing with Halo 4. We're hoping that the creativity is far from extinct, and that the Nielsen study isn't foreshadowing what's to come in the future of gaming.

What do you think about Nielsen's list of most anticipated titles of 2012? Which titles have you itching for your wallet more than any other? 

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