Nidhogg was a quick indie favorite when it released back in 2014 thanks in large part to the fast-paced and ultra-lethal combat. It had a simple, flat look that called to mind Atari graphics in overdrive.

Nidhogg is coming back, announced by developer Mark Essen.

Named for the Norse serpent who gnaws at the roots of Yggdrasil, or the giant worm who eats you at the end of this game, Nidhogg has you dueling for your life in a variety of settings. The sequel adds 10 new levels, new weapons, and a whole new look, shown above. In addition to the standard local and online multiplayer, the game will have a single player mode with AI-controlled opponents and “occasional special challenge rounds.”

The art style looks something like a 16-bit game. The new style is meeting mixed reaction from fans, with some appreciating the update while others feel this shift is too far toward the comedic elements that were less intentional and more incidental in the original. No word yet on whether we’ll see alternate character skins.

Nidhogg 2 is set for a 2017 release with no word on platforms yet.