The good news is, Niantic is no longer banning cheaters and allowing innocent players to get caught in the crossfire. The general purge of accounts led to some ill will with the company, and it has since been rescinded. Instead, its latest method of punishing those who use third-party trackers and other cheating apps is far more devious.

As reported by Pokémon Hub, this new approach to cracking down on cheaters simply shuts them out of seeing rare Pokémon. Rare types such as Dragonair and Snorlax will appear as they usually do on the maps, but when the game detects that a player is using a third-party app, it simply won’t allow the Pokémon to spawn in their game. Usually, the cheaters are greeted with a simple Pidgey instead of the prize they want.

Those who are unable to access the Pokémon will receive this message when playing. The problem seems to be aimed at only those who have already been flagged. No new users have been added to the list.

Is there any reason to use trackers anymore?

I’m over it. The addition of “Nearby” and “Sightings” pretty much erased all the need for a tracker in at least the areas where Pokémon are pretty prevalent. If it’s on the map, it’ll pretty much tell you exactly where you need to walk. It doesn’t get more blatant than that.

Countryside people, I still get it. You’re still left in the dust, and there’s not a lot you can do about it. Hopefully, Niantic remembers to address your legitimate complaints before the second anniversary… next year.