I’ve resisted temptations to dive into Dark Souls III because of a family vacation happening in the next week or so. When I go hard on Dark Souls, I don’t want to be interrupted at all and have things like “loved ones” and “the most important people in the world to me” get in the way.

So, while my fingers and pride eagerly await the bruising Bandai Namco’s latest title is promising, Koei Tecmo is stepping in with a proper little substitute. Team Ninja’s Ni-Oh will be getting a highly anticipated and very long-overdue demo this week. Trailers have shown that the development team is clearly aiming for Dark Souls as an inspiration, but it is shaking up the formula with a samurai setting.

Oh yeah, and the Western version apparently has dismemberment which hasn’t been shown in the Japanese trailers. Sweet!

Team Ninja has been in a bit of a downward skid as of late, but if this proves to be as promising as it looks, then I’ll happily put them back on my “nice list.” Hyrule Warriors and Dissidia: Final Fantasy were nice little warm-ups, but this could be the real deal.

Hey, anybody remember that time when From Software ripped off Team Ninja’s Ninja Gaiden games with its own cheaper version called Ninja Blade. My how the tables have turned.