One of the more recent rule changes to the NHL is the coach’s challenge. Coach’s are able to challenge goals in specific situations, like one player skating offside before a goal, in order to get the call turned in their favor. A recent deal struck between Apple and the NHL has made that a bit easier.

For the playoffs, which started this week, all 16 teams’ arenas have been equipped with new iPad Pros. Coaches will find three at their own bench, and they’ll be updated roughly within a minute with the latest on-ice action. The AP reports that this is the result of a “collaboration” between the National Hockey League and Apple.

The AP caught up with Washington Capitals (booooooo) Head Coach Barry Trotz about the added tech. “It’s going to be huge in the playoffs,” he explained. “The referees, the league wants to get it right, the coaches want to get it right.”

Of course, the tablets will be available to players and coaches alike. Skaters are able to come off their shifts, take a look at their play and adjust accordingly.

In hockey, game speed matters

Video reviews have been a point of contention for players, coaches, GMs and fans in the last few years. “The league wants to get it right,” Trotz said. He’s right, they do, but they also want to keep the pace of games up. Hockey is a sport that relies on speed and rhythm both to interest fans and the keep players warmed up. The slow-down from lengthy video reviews has caused some to fear a decline in the quality of play and, thus, retention of viewers.

The fact that this deal is with Apple is sort of irrelevant here. The NHL likely took it because of the promised time between live play and on-the-bench video review. Less than a minute is pretty good for speed.

Let’s go Pens.