As the fall slowly approaches, EA Sports is drumming up for the release of NHL 16. This annualized hockey franchise had a rough outing in 2014, so this year stands as the developer’s chance to return the NHL games to prolific and award winning status.

Part of that formula is the Be a Pro mode. The new trailer above promises more customization, better teaching, the ability to play the way you want and turn into the type of player you aim to be.

My biggest complaint with Be a Pro? It was so frustrating to get your shot on an NHL club, put up great stats over two or three games and then get a letter from the Coach or GM saying, “you’re not ready for the show yet, back to the AHL.” Really? My hat trick and multiple assist nights weren’t enough for you?

Boy, I hope that’s been fixed. If I’m a prolific player, let that be my career path.

We’ll see. NHL 16 will launch for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 15, 2015.

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