Poor Toronto. They’re even being made fun of by the makers of NHL 16, a studio based near or in Vancouver. That’s home to another team in the midst of a really strange blow up on the player and staffing sides.

The new trailer for the Be a GM mode in NHL 16 sees all sorts of feature touting. Trades, contract negotiation, morale increases and decreases and a whole lot more. EA Sports even went ahead and recreated the Phil Kessel trade that’s dominated a lot of talk in the hockey world this summer.

Full disclosure, I’m a Penguins fan. The Phil can eat all the hot dogs he wants in Pittsburgh. I don’t even care. (Editor’s Comment: Joey told me those are words. I believed him. – Sean)

All sorts of menu stuff happens in the trailer, and then we get to the moment when the Leafs and Pens swap players. You might not be a hockey fan, but here are the details of the trade. The Pens got Phil Kessel, Tim Erixon and Tyler Biggs. The last two are marginal players, this one was all about the Phil. The Leafs got Kasperi Kapanen (a young prospect), Nick Spaling and Scott Harrington. Even further? The Leafs still have to pay a part of Kessel’s salary.

NHL 16 Trade

This same trade gets offered up in the game, Kapanen’s morale takes a dip and the screen reads “This is a really good deal for us in Pittsburgh, so definitely we are saying yes to this one. I hope you know what you are doing.


NHL 16 will go on sale for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 15.

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