NHL 16 Cover

Wow. This is a terrible cover for a video game. Just, man, look at Patrick Kane's face. That's the dude on the right. Toews looks pretty excited, but, man, what's going through Kane's mind here?

Honestly, I thought this was fake when it flew by Twitter last night. Nope. Totally legitimate.

EA Sports unveiled the cover art for NHL 16 last night around the same time as the NHL awards. They did so on Twitter, and the responses are about what you'd expect them to be. Here's the tweet.

That was followed by a cacophony of "UGLY," "THIS IS STUPID, "please rethink your life decisions" and plenty of declarations suggesting "I'll just print my own." It's bad.

It even made its way to the top of a subreddit called /r/CrappyDesign, a land on Reddit where the default font is comic sans.