The regular season for the NHL winds down this weekend. Most teams have sealed their post-season fate, whether it’s in the playoffs or on the golf course. My Penguins are in the midst of an epic collapse that leaves them, currently, in the last wild card position with two games to play and one must-win scenario.

As I deal with that depression, EA has some good news for its EA Access subscribers. NHL 15 has been added to the EA Access Vault on the Xbox One. That means it’s free for subscribers, and subscriptions cost $4.99.

Now, NHL 15 was probably the weakest game in the series as of late, but that doesn’t mean it was absolutely horrible. Sure, it’s missing the EASHL, but you’ll be able to replicate the playoffs as they happen this year, while winning and losing where you see fit on the way to the great dance with Lord Stanley.

Of course, EA Access gets your more than just a copy of NHL 15. You’ll be able to play some games early, and the Vault already has digital copies of the likes of Need for Speed Rivals, Madden NFL 15, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Peggle 2 and more.

That’s a pretty solid offering for $4.99, especially if you’re a big fan of sports games.

Anyone looking forward to the post-season? Anyone playing NHL 15 still?