EA has begun teasing the arrival of a new generation hockey experience. NHL 15 is on its way, and we have a gameplay-less video to prepare the world.

Of course, the video doesn't tell us much, but it does provide a hint to what's coming up.

Doc Emrick and Eddie Olczyk are the new voices of the NHL video game franchise. It's just as well, as they're the duo that typical provides commentary for all nationally broadcast hockey games. They replace Gary Thorne and Bill Clement who have been at it for nearly a decade.

Thank goodness, because I can't even begin to describe exactly how tired I've been of hearing the same commentary with minor tweaks and additions since, like, 2007. Woof.

You can hear Doc in the teaser video at the head of this post. Olczyk isn't there. He's the more polarizing of the two in the world of NHL fans, though, for my money, I like him better than Pierre McGuire. I'd wager I'm not alone in that regard.

As for other changes? You can read them in full on the game's official site, but EA Sports promises better looking players, better AI, better arenas, a new Skill Stick, better crowds and more. That, of course, is all exclusive to the new generation of consoles.

NHL 15 will release this fall for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.