Operation Sports has the news that the NHL 12 demo will be headed to both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 starting August 23rd. That's three weeks ahead of the game's full retail release date.

The demo will feature three brief gameplay modes to show off some of what this year's entry in the well acclaimed NHL franchise has to offer. First, and this is standard across practically all EA Sports demos, players will be able to play the final period of last year's Stanley Cup Game 7. Lace up as either the Vancouver Canucks or the Boston Bruins and repeat or rewrite what went down.

That should be a good place to catch NHL 12's tweaked defensive and offensive AI. One of the big changes, supposedly, to this year's title is the way that players will anticipate plays. Rather than being reactive, the AI is proactive. Check the video up top to see a bit of that, note that the clip was released prior to news of this demo.

Players will also be able to check out the "revamped" Be A Pro Mode. Veterans know that one of the biggest drags through Be A Pro, and one that was more than likely turned off by many, was sitting on the bench between line changes. Now you have the option to sim through that time.

Finally, fans will have the chance to try this year's edition of Hockey Ultimate Team. According to Operation Sports, you'll be able to earn two packs of fantasy cards for the retail version of the game by checking out this part of the demo.

Hockey season looms large, folks, and one of the best signs of that fact is the inbound launch of NHL 12.

I can't be the only one around these parts that would love to see Team TechnoBuffalo take the ice… can I? Make it happen!

[via Operation Sports]