Sony and DIRECTV have partnered to announce the NFL Sunday Ticket for the PlayStation 3, due out this season. NFL fans that happen to on PS3s will have a chance to stream HD football content to their consoles every week.

Here’s the rub, courtesy of PlayStation.Blog:

How do you get in the game? At the start of the season, viewers who do not currently have access to DIRECTV will be able to subscribe to NFL SUNDAY TICKET at the season price of $339.95. Existing DIRECTV customers can access the service on their PS3 for an additional $50 and use the PS3 as an additional receiver for your home.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET is a DIRECTV-exclusive sports package that offers:

  • Up to 14 NFL games every Sunday
  • Full HD for every football game
  • DIRECTV’s Red Zone Channel

I love that Sony (and all the console manufacturers) is working hard to bring a bunch of media and entertainment options to their home platform. Being able to watch movies, TV, sports and shorts on my consoles is a joy. For that, kudos.

If you subscribe to DIRECTV, the extra $50 may actually be a good deal. For everyone else?

Maybe it’s just me, but $340 for 14 games every Sunday and the Red Zone channel is a little absurd. You can buy a PlayStation 3 and two brand new games for just a little more than this package, which is only good for one year. Say you take the dive and buy into the package for the 2011-12 seasons; guess what, next year, you’ll have to buy it all over again.

The biggest kicker here? It’s for out-of-market games only. So, let’s say you’re a massive Buffalo Bills fan and you happen to live in Buffalo, NY. You decide that you’ll ante up the scratch to pay for the Sunday Ticket and ditch out on your monthly cable bill. You may actually save more than $340 every year by skipping TV. It’s too bad that you’ll never be able to watch your precious Bills take the field. Their games are broadcast on TV in your town, that means you’ll miss all the action.

I’m a hockey fan. I dropped my cable TV subscription four years ago. Thanks to Hulu and Netflix, I get all of the entertainment I could ever want from TV. For hockey, I turn to NHL Gamecenter. The price fluctuates on a yearly basis, but you can peg it at around $150 for the full season. That’s more than 40 games of hockey every single week for right around seven months. Yes, the service is prone to blackouts, but missing 15 games out of 82 a season is better than missing two or three out of 16.

I get that the NFL is one of the biggest sports in the States. The game commands high prices on basically every front. But $340 for a year’s worth of games that are subject to blackouts? Forget it. Way too much for me.

[via PlayStation.Blog]