The NFL just announced its brand-new cross-platform application called NFL Now for most major platforms, right as we kick off preseason football. The service will provide original NFL content, highlights, team videos, live press conferences and more. Additionally, the service promises 6,300 minutes of NFL original content each week, 4,800 minutes of Club video per week for the season, 21,126 minutes of historical team highlights and 1,806 minutes of Super Bowl highlights from 1967 through 2009.

Better yet, the standard service is all free and works on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, Apple TV, the Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and more. Folks who require additional content can sign up for a premium NFL Now Plus subscription, which costs $1.99 per month and provides instant in-game highlights and a stream of content highlights from a user’s favorite teams.

The service was first announced back in January but is now starting to roll out to the aforementioned platforms. The NFL said that it will be available for each device by the start of the season but that specific launch dates will be announced in the near future for platforms that don’t have access today, like Apple TV.