Apple logoDespite numerous rumors pointing to Apple adding NFC (Near Field Communications) to the iPhone 5, it seems that the company may bide its time and wait to introduce the payment technology in the iPhone 6.

Sources from the cellular carriers from the United Kingdom have told The Independent that Apple is opting to push the introduction of NFC technology – a system where by you can just wave your phone over a terminal to make a payment –  back by one year.  While there had even been enough evidence that it was happening this year for our own Jon Rettinger to go on CNBC to discuss it, apparently the company has shot it down in private talks with the carriers about what the plans were for the iPhone 5.

Apparently the concern comes from the lack of a standard across the entire industry when it comes to NFC.  While Google has already added the technology to the Nexus S, Apple is not known for jumping into technologies without a lot of forethought.  Despite having hired an expert in NFC as a product manager this year, if they don’t feel it isn’t ready, they simply won’t add it.

While NFC has been in Japan for years now, the U.K. has only started to get more serious about it with companies such as  McDonald’s rolling out a trial program and Visa releasing a chip you could add to your existing iPhone.  We have seen very limited adoption here in the United States, and that may be part of the reason that Apple is delaying the roll out until they see if something can be done about more retailers adding the payment system.

What do you think?  If you know a totally new technology may come in the iPhone 6 as opposed to the iPhone 5, will that make you wait a year to upgrade or adopt?

[via The Independent]