Google Asus Nexus tablet benchmarkWe’re pretty confident Google is preparing to introduce a Nexus tablet at its upcoming I/O conference in June. But don’t just take our word for it; the long-rumored device has popped up in some benchmark results, meaning that, yes, hello, the Asus-made device is very much alive.

The benchmark might not look like much to you and I, but there are apparently some very big giveaways that hint at what’s in store. Just as we suspected, the tab will come equipped with a 7-inch display with a reported 1280×768 screen resolution. The device codename, “grouper,” is also significant because it follows Google’s tendency to name Nexus hardware after fish. Cute.

But the most interesting reveal in the benchmark is the mysterious device’s software. The JRN51B build number seems to indicate the Nexus tab will run Jelly Bean right out of the box. According to AndroidPolice, the JRN build was listed as Jelly Bean only a few weeks ago, but with no reference to the OS version. The benchmark clearly shows Android 4.1, leading us to believe that that’s the version of Google’s code that’ll be Jelly Bean.

(If Jelly Bean is set to hit next month, how long before devices like the Transformer Prime receive the update? A few weeks? A few months?)

We’ve heard from our own trusted sources that Google’s Nexus tab will come equipped with NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 chip, and carry a very price-friendly tag of just $200. So let’s get this straight: Tegra 3, $200, 7-inches, Jelly Bean. That has winner written all over it.

[via Android Police]