Nexus S ICS PortWhile seeing Ice Cream Sandwich running on the Nexus S is nothing new, an official public release date has yet to be given. It's definitely on the way, as confirmed by Google's own Gabe Cohen, but when?

If you're willing to do a little leg work, you can experience some of Ice Cream Sandwich's goodness now, thanks to some enterprising Android enthusiasts.

Rather than wait for the official update to hit, folks over at the XDA Developers forum have managed to port an early working build of Ice Cream Sandwich onto the Nexus S. Currently, the ported working ROM is build thirteen – the latest build is fourteen, so some features like Face Unlock will not be available. Users interested in trying this need to keep in mind that rooting could potentially ruin your device, even if others have successfully followed the forum's directions.

While the hack will give you a glimpse at what ICS has to offer, users over at the forums have reported some issues, saying that overall it's not stable enough to be a daily driver. Still, their eagerness to play with Android 4.0 is understandable.

Those unfamiliar with rooting and hacking Android devices are urged to wait until an official release hits, so stay tuned to TechnoBuffalo and we'll let you know when it's available. Until then, don't forget to familiarize yourself with Google's latest OS.

Are you going to wait until Ice Cream Sandwich becomes official? Or are you going to try it now?

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