Nexus Prime system screenWith rumors circulating that Samsung will unveil the Nexus Prime next week, it only stands to reason that some images would start leaking out of the highly anticipated phone.  What you see above appears to be part of the system info for the upcoming device, and while it doesn’t look that interesting at first glance, it actually tells us quite a bit.

The folks over at GSMArena got a hold of this system info screen picture and it confirms some interesting facts.  First off, don’t be thrown off by the 1184 x 720 specs as it is taking into account the buttons at the bottom of the screen as well as the status bar at the top.  The screen will be a full 1280 x 720 and clocks in at 4.6-inches when all is said and done.  This means that, yes, the screen is in 720p HD.  The pixel density is listed as 320 in these stats, which means this thing should be amazingly clear.

Also of note is that the standard Android navigation buttons are on-screen and that there are no physical buttons to be seen.  This could be the wave of the future for phones that come with Ice Cream Sandwich pre-installed as it’s the norm on tablets running Honeycomb.

If this is our first taste of Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich, it’s looking pretty tasty.  And as for the Nexus Prime itself, as a teaser, it certainly has our curiosity piqued.

Are you excited for the Nexus Prime?

[via GSM Arena]