More details of the Nexus One are beginning to surface and we are proud to be able to share some of the details with you.  From a hardware perspective, we can confirm that it is indeed built by HTC and is running a 1GHz processor (most likely Snapdragon).  Our source tells us the device is extremely fast, and programs open almost instantaneously, as we’d expect from such a beefy processor.  Interestingly, the image on the back of the device of the Android mascot  holding the barcode flag, when scanned (using Android’s own scanning app) reveals the owners Google employee’s information, and then takes you to a memory game.

We were able to get a few pictures showing the actual size of the device which is shockingly thin.  Rumor has this being sold directly to consumers by Google in early January (no word on pricing & supported by T0Mobile) and possibly subsidized by TMO in March.  Support for AT&T’s 3G network is nowhere to be found, but EDGE support is there.  This is shaping up to be one hot (and mysterious device).

To the T-Mobile customers out there, is this the phone you’ve been lusting after?