The Nexus 9 is a pretty darn good Android tablet, especially with Android 5.0 Lollipop on-board, and we have some good news if you’ve been waiting for the LTE model. T-Mobile on Wednesday announced that, beginning in early December, it will start to  stock the Nexus 9 with 32GB of storage and built-in LTE support.

T-Mobile will sell the Nexus 9 for $0 down and with 24 months of $24.99 monthly installments, bringing the total cost to $599.76, which is the same price that it will retail for right from the Google Play Store. By comparison, the Wi-Fi-only model with 32GB of storage is priced at $479, so you’re basically paying an additional $120 for the added benefit of a connection wherever T-Mobile offers service. The carrier didn’t note what colors will be available when it launches, but in our tests we preferred the white model, which was more resistant to fingerprints and was more pleasing to the eye.

T-Mobile did not provide a firm launch date, but early December suggests we should see it pop up during the first two weeks of the month, which means you have about a month of waiting left. Don’t worry about missing the opportunity, we’ll be back with details right when it’s made available.