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At this point it's been all but confirmed that HTC is working on a 9-inch Nexus tablet, but it looks like the upcoming device may just be the first in a new lineup of Android slates from the Taiwanese company. According to Focus Taiwan, HTC's North Asia president Jack Tong called the Nexus 9 a "commitment" to the tablet market, potentially marking the end of a three-year retreat.

The Nexus 9 is expected to make its debut sometime this month, though a leaked photo of the device suggests it could sport a plastic shell instead of the metal design HTC's used for its last few flagship phones. We'd love to see the company release an aluminum tablet down the line that could really compete with Apple's iPad when it comes to looks and build quality. Hopefully it won't be too long before something along those lines hits the market.

Rumor has it Google could announce the Nexus 9 on October 16, which just happens to be the same day Apple is slated to unveil its new iPad lineup. We'll be covering both stories closely, but we'll already looking forward to HTC's upcoming tablet lineup.