Google recently stopped selling the Nexus 9 from the Google Play Store, prompting suggestions that the tablet was dead. HTC made it clear that it was going to continue selling the tablet, which is still a great device if you want to test Android N, but it’s now changing its tune a hair.

The company recently confirmed that the Nexus 9 is on its way out. HTC told CNET it is no longer manufacturing new Nexus 9 devices, which means once they’re sold out they’re gone for good. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it does start to support my theory that Google is winding down its efforts with Android tablets in favor of Chrome OS. Sure, it still has the Pixel C, but that device wasn’t supposed to even launch with Android, according to rumors. Had it not, we’d no longer have an official new Android tablet.

Anyway, I still love the Nexus 9, so you can probably start to find some great deals on it as it meets its maker.