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HTC hasn't released a new tablet since 2011, but that's about to change with a little help from Google. Rumors that the Taiwan-based company is developing the Nexus 9 have been floating around for a while, but now The Wall Street Journal is stepping into the fray with a new report confirming those claims.

The report doesn't refer the rumored device by name, but claims it can confirm that HTC is working on a 9-inch Nexus tablet. The phone-maker has reportedly been meeting with Google since 2013 on the upcoming tablet. More recently, HTC engineers have been traveling to Google headquarters in California as the two companies presumably work to finalize the project.

There's no clear reason why Google tapped HTC to design the Nexus 9 beyond the search giant's desire to even the playing field when it comes to the different hardware makers working with Android. Samsung, which released the Nexus 10, has apparently grown too big for Google's comfort, while Asus saw some healthy growth after producing the last two Nexus 7 slates. Now it's HTC's turn, and the company already proved its worth with earlier Nexus smartphones, not to mention its recent high-end and premium flagships.

The Nexus 9 is expected to feature an 8.9-inch display, 2GB of RAM, 16GB/32GB storage options, an 8-megapixel camera with OIS and NVIDIA's Tegra K1 processor, according to a revealing document published by the chip-maker earlier this month. The same leak also states the Nexus 9 will offer "aluminum zero-gap construction with tapered-sides," suggesting it could borrow some inspiration from HTC's One (M8) smartphone.

There's no official word on when the Nexus 9 will launch, though recent reports claim it could be as soon October 16. We're definitely expecting the device to hit the market sometime next month alongside Google's new Android L operating system, and we can't wait to try out the new hardware and software for ourselves.