nexus-7-ghostingThe Nexus 7 isn't even off factory lines and already an issue is popping up regarding the device's IPS display. Apparently, the Asus-built tab is suffering from "some pretty severe ghosting," which AndroidPolice has documented thoroughly in pictures on its site.

Because the issue is so new, it's currently unclear whether the ghosting occurs because of the IPS display itself, or Google's new Jelly Bean OS. According to AndroidPolice, "image retention" is a native behavior of IPS displays, thus causing the alleged ghosting on the Nexus 7 to transpire. Previous Asus-made tabs with IPS displays, such as the Transformer Pad 300 and Transformer Prime, were also investigated to see if image retention was as severe, but AndroidPolice found it was actually much less pronounced.

This may be an issue with the IPS panelin the Nexus 7, or it could be a software problem, but it's by no means the same in every Android tablet with an IPS display out there. It's definitely worse on the Nexus 7, any way you slice it.

We tried to replicate the ghosting issue on our own Nexus 7, but didn't have any luck (which is a good thing!). AndroidPolice confirmed that it happens on both of its units, and even happens with things such as home screen icons on auto brightness.

We'll definitely keep our eyes peeled for the problem, if there is one, on our Nexus 7, and update the post as necessary. Ghosting isn't a deal breaker by any means, but it's certainly something that can become annoying, particular because folks will be staring at their tab for hours on end.

[via AndroidPolice]