Who will build the next Nexus smartphone? Recent rumors suggested Huawei has been tapped, but now a visit by Google in Korea has sparked rumors that LG might again begin making Nexus smartphones.

One must assume it's pretty common for Google to visit its Android OEMs, but apparently the Korean tech press believes this trip wasn't just a standard visit. Rumor has it Google's engineers held court with LG executives at the company's headquarters and also visited LG's factories and affiliates.

Korea's eToday said that the two firms are working on a project titled "N000," which will ultimately be sold as the Nexus 7 sometime this year. It will be the third LG-produced Nexus smartphone, following the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 5.

It's plausible that LG and Google are indeed meeting to discuss a new Nexus, and the timing is probably about right, too. Keep in mind it's still very much a rumor, however.