Last week a somewhat questionable bend test video suggested the Nexus 6P could snap under relatively little pressure. Now a new video reveals that Google’s new phone is a lot tougher than previously suggested.

The latest bend test, performed by YouTuber Max Lee, isn’t exactly the most scientific either. He places the Nexus 6P on a wooden bar and then proceeds to cover it in 90 pounds worth of weight disks. The device seems to survive without any noticeable damage. Then again, the weight here appears to be distributed pretty evenly, which may explain why the phone doesn’t flex at all under all that pressure.

This isn’t the most accurate way to test a device, though it should be more reliable than the original Nexus 6P bend test. In the first video the phone was scratched, cracked and even burnt with a lighter before it was bent. That may explain why it crumpled so easily compared to this second test.

Max Lee notes that the Nexus 6P may be even tougher than the iPhone 6s, which started to bend at around 80 pounds of pressure in one test. Still, we definitely don’t recommend testing that out for yourself.