The Nexus 6 is finally starting to arrive on doorsteps of folks who ordered the phone early, and it’s also hitting carrier stores now, too. As a result, iFixit recently grabbed a unit and decided to tear it down piece by piece to reveal the internals.

The site provides a closer look at how the Nexus 6 comes apart. Unlike a lot of today’s largest flagship smartphones and tablets, the Nexus 6 relies more on screws to keep the whole thing together rather than adhesive, which can actually make repairs easier. The bad news is that those screws are “relatively uncommon,” so you’ll need a T3 screwdriver before you get started. The site found that the cameras, buttons and headphone jack should be easy to replace if you ever run into problems. On the other hand, the display and digitizer are fused together, so you’ll need to replace both at the same time, which can be expensive.

iFixit also digs into the new ring flash, explores the Turbo charger and even notices that dormant LED hiding under the speaker grille. Overall, it gave the Nexus 6 a repairability score of 7/10, which isn’t too bad all things considered.