Google Nexus 5-Lock Screen

A fresh Nexus 6 reference has been found in Chromium source code, hinting that another device in Google's illustrious Nexus line is indeed on the way. The snippet doesn't provide much in the way of information, but even a small mention is enough to stir the hive. There have been rumors Google could ditch its Nexus lineup, but it doesn't appear that's going to happen this year—not with Nexus 8 hints also popping up.

Very little is known about the Nexus 6, though many expect it to be based off LG's upcoming G3, which will be announced later this month. If true, we can anticipate an improved camera with OIS and higher resolution screen, though we wouldn't imagine the design from the Nexus 5 to change all that much. This is assuming LG will even be in charge of the Nexus 6; rumors suggest HTC has been handed Nexus 8 duty, possibly indicating Google might also go with another manufacturer for its smartphone.

Aside from a quick Nexus 6 reference, not much is known about the upcoming device. But a quick mention of the handset might be all the Internet needs to kick off an avalanche of insider reports, leaks and rumors. As Google I/O nears (unlikely we'll see an announcement there), we'll keep an extra special eye out for Nexus 6 info.