Google Nexus 5-Lock Screen

We don't really know if there's going to be another Nexus device this year. But if one does exist, it isn't being made by LG. One of LG's executives, speaking to a Dutch news outlet, apparently said as much in an interview, flat-out stating Google hasn't tapped the company to begin creating the next Nexus handset. "At least not yet," the spokesperson said. LG was responsible for both the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5.

Normally, Google would have contacted LG by now to begin development on the Nexus successor. But according to LG's director of communications, Ken Hong, no discussions have been held, which brings up the question: is there going to be a Nexus 6? Plenty of rumors suggest Google is working on a new program that would see the company ditch its Nexus line in favor of more carefully curated handsets. If so, LG could be involved in some form; the company just won't get exclusive dibs on a Nexus handset.

Hong went on to say that he's in some ways relieved LG isn't making the next Nexus. "If you can develop a Google phone that gives credibility," Hong said. "But money you earn is not easy, and you become too dependent on Google. Google determines how many phones are to be made, and we do that. If it is stated that LG produces too few Nexus phones, the media then is simply incorrect."

Hong's comments don't confirm that we won't see another Nexus device later this year, but it sure gives credibility to Google's rumored Android Silver program. LG has been an important partner in the success of Google's Nexus lineup, but it appears that relationship is coming to an end. And that's just as well, because LG has its own spectacular devices to sell.