Wondering what to do with all the money you got for the holidays? Motorola currently has the elusive Nexus 6 in stock, though I don’t imagine units will be available for much longer.

The Lollipop-powered device has become one of the harder-to-find items over the past few weeks, selling out through Google Play, Motorola’s website and even carrier channels. But as of this writing, the 32GB iteration in Midnight Blue is currently in stock. Unfortunately, that’s the only model you’ll find, so your options are pretty limited at the moment.

I won’t bore you with a recap of what the device offers. If you’re looking for a behemoth phone, the Nexus 6—the 32GB model starts at $649.99 off-contract—fits the bill perfectly; check out our review right here to learn more. You’ll want to jump on this as soon as possible if the Nexus 6 is the device you’re after.