If you plan on picking up a Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P, it’s your last chance to get a $50 Google Play credit with your pre-order. Google on Monday sent out a Tweet urging consumers to secure their purchases as soon as possible, otherwise miss out on free money. Well, Google Play credit, but it’s almost as good.

The Tweet says this week is the last week to take advantage of the offer. However, when you head over to the Nexus site, it actually says customers have until Oct. 25 to get the promotional credit. Either way, you should act quick to make sure you get some dough to spend on new apps, music and movies. If you do secure the offer, you’ll have to redeem the $50 credit before the New Year.

Per Google’s store, shipments for the Nexus 5X are expected to leave the warehouse by Oct. 22, while the Nexus 6P still says shipments will go out in 4 – 5 weeks. We actually got our hands on both devices at Google’s Nexus event, albeit briefly, so check those videos out if you haven’t already.