Not that we weren’t already expecting Google’s Nexus 5 to launch in Oct., but a new report from DigiTimes claims the device will definitely arrive next month—running Android 4.4 KitKat no less. Everything is lining up nicely, especially since we’ve already seen the device, front and back. An official announcement is all that is needed.

According to “Taiwan-based supply chain makers,” LG has indeed been tipped to make Google’s new vanilla device, which we’re expecting to come packing a 5-inch Full HD display and quad-core chip. We actually know quite a bit about Google’s latest flagship—indeed, the absence of the Nexus 4 only heightens demand for a successor—all that’s left is learning about that mysterious Android 4.4 update.

With so many big flagships already on the market, or soon to hit retail channels, Google’s Nexus 5 will have plenty of competition to go up against. Of course, for people who prefer an untouched version of Android and the prospect of speedy updates, the Nexus 5 might be worth waiting for. Now that the specs will supposedly be on par with some of today’s most beastly devices, price will be a huge factor when the Nexus 5 is announced. Google’s most recent Nexus 7, if you remember, was more expensive than the previous version because of its improved internals.