Where's the Nexus 5? Several rumors suggested that Google was going to announce the phone today around 8a.m. PST, though that time came and went and we're still left with nothing. Thankfully, though, it seems like some places are expecting to receive stock any day now.

One commenter on Android Police recently said that stock is arriving at Carphone Warehouse as of this morning, though we haven't confirmed that's true, and U.K. retailer Ebuyer just posted a page accepting pre-orders for £499.98 (approx. $802 USD), though it says it's only expecting 50 units and admits that it has had "no official confirmation from Google about what's actually in its flagship smartphone," and that it doesn't know much other than what we've seen in leaks.

Domestically, Negri Electronics is also listing the Nexus 5 at $459.50 for 16GB, and $524.50 for 32GB. Both are offered in a choice of black or white.

It's still very possible that Google will launch or announce the smartphone today, though other rumors have suggested it won't go on sale until tomorrow. Ebuyer expects the item on "November 1," so that lines up with some predictions. We'll keep you up to date throughout the day if we hear many more.