This isn’t the first time Google’s unannounced Nexus 5 has shown up in FCC circles. But freshly discovered info is providing us with a pretty stellar look at the upcoming handset’s design. Surprise: it’s exactly like the device we saw in Google’s KitKat promotional video, which was immediately pulled after the search giant realized its boo-boo.

Discovered by PhoneScoop in documents related to the Verizon LG G2, the images show off each side of the device, including the back, which contains that enormously mysterious camera lens and single LED flash. Otherwise, there’s not much else we can discern about the device itself. The hardware in the photos doesn’t look final—there’s no Nexus branding—and there’s a curiously cut out square on the rear.

In the previous FCC leak, the filing revealed the device would contain a 4.96-inch display (likely 1080p), Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip, 2300mAh battery, NFC, Android 4.4 and support for AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. Seeing as the Nexus 5 is becoming more of a permanent fixture on the Internet, I’d imagine Google is poised to make an announcement soon.