The first batch of Nexus 5 units were quick to fly off Google Play’s virtual shelves, but it looks like early adopters may have gotten stuck with an imperfect model. Following user complaints, LG and Google now appear to be shipping an improved version of the device with refined buttons and larger speaker grills.

The news comes from the XDA Developers forum, where one user lists a number of issues found with their original Nexus 5 and includes several photos comparing the original and improved handsets (pictured above with the newer unit on top). While some early units suffered from “noisy buttons,” a protruding SIM tray, and tiny speaker holes that caused the phone to emit a buzzing sound, newer versions of the Nexus 5 reportedly fix these issues, though the display is now apparently “more yellow.”

It seems likely other internal issues with the original Nexus 5 were addressed with the updated model as well, though that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong with every older unit—only some users are reporting issues with the design.

If you bought an early Nexus 5 model plagued with any of these issues you can send it back for a new device, though one forum poster notes they’re still waiting for their replacement.