Last week we saw a flood of Nexus 5 leaks, but it looks like the rumor mill may have gotten a few things wrong in all the excitement. An FCC filing spotted on Thursday for the LG D820 was believed to be the same device spotted in a Google promotional video with Nexus branding. It turns out the phone that passed through the FCC may actually be a CDMA variant of the recently-released G2, according to @evleaks.

The popular mobile leaker broke the disappointing news early this morning. Considering that all the signs were pointing towards LG's new phone being the Nexus 5, it's hard for us to give up hope, but @evleaks has such a good track record that at the very least we recommend putting your excitement on hold until we get some real evidence leaning either way.

Quickly following up his first tweet, @evleaks posted a second message, revealing the FCC filing for LG's D821, which appears to be a G2 variant as well. This isn't necessarily proof that the D820 isn't the Nexus 5, although it would be strange for LG to give the two devices such similar model numbers unless they were close to being the same handset as well.

Regardless of whether LG's D820 is or isn't the Nexus 5, it seems pretty clear that Google's new flagship smartphone is quickly incoming. With Android 4.4 KitKat announced last week and the handset already spotted at Google HQ, it's only a matter of time until we see the real thing once and for all.