The rumors of the Nexus 5’s demise were premature. Following reports from last year that production was ending for the beloved phone, the handset has unexpectedly shown up on Google Play. I guess Google wasn’t lying when it said the device would live on through Q1 2015.

There’s no way to tell how much stock Google has, so if you’ve been hoping to pick one up brand new, this is probably your best bet. Unfortunately, your only color option is black (in 16GB and 32GB), so it seems the white and red models remain elusive for now. Pricing starts at $349, which may seem a tad expensive for such an old phone, but it’s still a terrific buy nonetheless. Not only is the device a little easier to wield than the Nexus 6, but you also get the promise of quick updates.

Get on it now if you want to pick this up, as it’s been awhile since the device has been in stock. Google says units should be shipped in 1-2 days, which means you can presumably get your hands on the device by the end of this week.