Google Nexus 5-Google Now Voice Prompt

Google launched Android 4.4 KitKat just last week, but it sounds like the company is already preparing to rollout a new update for its Google Search app on the Nexus 5. Speaking to Wired for a review of the smartphone, Google revealed that the device's voice search function will be noticeably improved and that the app will also get new information cards based on location once the update rolls out on Nov. 13.

Google Search will reportedly get even better at predicting what you want helping you find it, especially within your contacts. Search will also be able to look inside your apps for you, so for example, if you search for a nearby restaurant it could launch OpenTable or Seamless automatically. You'll also see more contextual info cards, and Wired notes that "at Yellowstone it will show you geyser times."

The Nexus 5 puts more emphasis on Google Search and Google Now than any Android device before it, and these updates should make the already-great device all the more impressive.