Google's surprise KitKat announcement might have revealed more than Google intended. In a video unveiling that now famous Android-KitKat statue, which Google "mysteriously" pulled, someone on Google's campus appears to be holding an unannounced Nexus device. Is this our first look at Google's upcoming Nexus 5? Maybe not—but it sure as heck looks like it.

The glimpse is very decisive, too. Among a crowd of onlookers, a man and a lady are casually holding their phones to snap pictures of the new garden ornament. The lady, owner of a Nexus 4, stands in stark contrast to the man right beside her, who is holding a bigger device with Nexus branding running across his handset in landscape (just like the new Nexus 7); the Nexus 4's branding is in portrait, so they're visibly different.

It's difficult to discern much from the short glimpse, but it does appear like Google is ditching the glass black for a device with a matted finish; likely a soft-touch material. Additionally, the camera lens looks enormous, though that alone doesn't tell us what to expect. The Nexus 4 is quickly going out of style, and Android KitKat has been officially announced (though not completely revealed). Given those pieces of evidence, it sure looks like the Nexus 5 is already being tested, and could be announced shortly.