Nexus 10 PCWorld Leak

The Nexus 10 hasn’t received much love from the rumor mill as of late, but it does appear that a new model is on the way, and this time from a different manufacturer.

While ASUS has been handling the Nexus 7 for its first two iterations, the first, and only version thus far, of the Nexus 10 was produced by Samsung. Thanks to a new leak of an inventory screen from U.K. retailer PC World, however, it appears that ASUS may also be taking over production of the Nexus 10.

Twitter user @rage06 posted an image last night of what appears to be an inventory screen listing “GOOGLE ASUS NEXUS 10 ASUS NEXUS 10” with a list price of £349.99 (approx. $562 USD).

According to a follow-up tweet from rage06, nothing appears in the PC World inventory system unless the product is nearly 100 percent confirmed to be launching.

To date there haven’t been many leaks about the Nexus 10, and certainly no official news. With Android 4.4 KitKat due at any time, it makes sense that Google would want to hit up the larger tablet market again, so here’s hoping this is real and we learn something official in the very near future.