Nexuiz was built using CryEngine 3 tech; that’s the reason for its particular gorgeous design and feel. As Kotaku suggests in their preview of the downloadable title, when did Xbox LIVE Arcade games look this good?

This first-person shooter will be a multiplayer only experience. Gamers will battle up to eight opponents at once (either offline with bots or online with people). Kotaku goes a lot more in-depth with their recap of what this game has to offer, but, in short, the site suggests that gameplay is a lot less balanced here than with other contemporary shooters. That’s been done on purpose.

Players will want to rush to snag Mutators, or gameplay changers. You’ll be able to grab bonuses like double ammo, triple armor or instakills from all over the map. Nexuis is about the objective at hand, but it also seems to be about learning the maps and bonuses you can earn in order to tip the scales in your team’s favor.

Gamers that have been gaming for a while will likely recognize this style of play as a bit old schol by today’s standards.

Nexuiz (apparently pronounced “nexus”) is part of Xbox LIVE Arcade’s House Party for 2012. While an exact launch date and price point have not been announced yet, gamers can expect to see the game release between February 15th and March 14th of this year.

While you wait for more information about this upcoming title, check out the slew of screenshots courtesy of Kotaku in the gallery below.

[via Kotaku]