One of the devices that I got really excited about covering was the Nextbit Robin. When I started with TechnoBuffalo, Nextbit was just getting its Kickstarter campaign off the ground and before I knew it, it had raised more than enough to be considered a success.

I’m very skeptical of kickstarted hardware, but if anyone had the chops to do it, the team at Nextbit did, so I backed it and crossed my fingers. This unboxing is our first step into the Nextbit world. I’m quite excited to use the Robin as my daily driver especially considering I’m coming from a Nexus 6P and the Huawei Mate 8 now.

If you’re not up to speed on the Robin, you can check out our video from CES for some hands-on action. That was the last time I used a Robin and I was impressed. In fact, our Mobile editor even bought one during the briefing. Nextbit is attempting to tackle the issue of insufficient storage on devices by using the cloud. Robin’s intelligent software will watch your usage and make room on your device when necessary by deleting apps and other content you use the least.

The Robin is sporting a Snapdragon 808 with 3GB of ram, so it should be able to handle my day to day, but the inside of the device isn’t what has my attention. The outside of the device is the most striking part about it. The feel in the hand is incredibly positive. I love it when manufacturers can manage to make a phone with fantastic build quality while keeping cost low. The Robin doesn’t just feel like a premium device, it feels like a new take on a premium device.

Check out the video unboxing to see the Robin in all its glory and keep it here for the review coming soon.