The plug will be pulled on the Robin in less than two months. Owners of Nextbit’s only phone ever released have been notified that, on March 1, the servers managing cloud storage are going to be shut down. It’s a decision coming one year after Razer acquired the company and folded the team into a dedicated mobile division that recently produced the Razer Phone.

With the Robin no longer being managed in any significant way, Razer didn’t have a reason to keep the servers up and running.

Here’s the full notice:

Nextbit called the feature Smart Storage. It allowed users to save apps and pictures in the cloud while freeing space on the phone, a very useful inclusion considering the Robin shipped with just 32GB of internal storage.

There was initially some concern about getting pictures from the company’s cloud service, but Nextbit figured out a way to make the transition smooth. Owners of the Robin just have to visit the designated site from a computer and choose to download images individually or grab everything in ZIP file. Apps, meanwhile, must be manually installed back on the Robin to retrieve any user data.

The web-based tool to access and download pictures will remain available until April 1.

If you’re not already logged out of Smart Storage on the Robin, Nextbit will make that happen automatically on March 1. Everything you stored will be unaccessible moving forward on that date; therefore, make sure you have files saved and backed up somewhere else.