Nextbit’s Robin has taken the mobile world by storm. After shattering the company’s Kickstarter goal earlier this month, the company has provided a few updates that promise to make the phone available to a wider audience. Yes, even you, Verizon subscribers.

On its Kickstarter page on Monday, Nextbit said it’s actually working to bring an alternate version of its device to Verizon and Sprint. As of now, the device is compatible with GSM networks such as AT&T and T-Mobile, limiting the device’s reach. But fear not, because Nextbit is working to ensure the Robin is as widely available as possible, which means a CDMA version isn’t far behind.

On that note, Nextbit said it’s going to ship Robin to Australia with full support for the country’s local networks early next year, too.

Finally, Nextbit shared a small glimpse of the device’s camera app, and how the experience is different with a cloud first mentality.

nextbit robin

When the camera launches, the menu is collapsed into a very minimal pill at the bottom of the screen, maximizing focus on the viewfinder and shutter key, Nextbit said. You can expand to reveal the options for the mode you’re in. You can switch modes from the grid key whether the menu is expanded or collapsed.

Nextbit also explained how the gallery would work, saying once a picture is offloaded to the cloud, the device will display a screen resolution version of a particular picture until a user wants to share it. At that time, the gallery will download the full resolution, Nextbit said.

The Robin is quickly approaching the $1 million mark, with an anticipated delivery time of January 2016. To learn more about the project, you can check out our interview with the company below.