Xbox 720

Had enough time to digest all of the craziness that went down at the PlayStation 4 unveiling in the middle of this week? No? Too bad, because it looks like Microsoft is starting to churn up their PR machine in preparation for the next Xbox.

CVG, the source of this scheduling rumor, also had a word with an anonymous, high-ranking Sony rep concerning Microsoft's internal reaction to the PlayStation 4 unveiling. The unveiling "at first caught Microsoft off-guard," the source said. "We definitely ruffled some feathers."

Remember back when Sony's Kazuo Hirai came out and said that they definitely would not announce the PlayStation 4 before Microsoft announces the next Xbox? Between that move and today's comments from the anonymous source, I'd say Sony actively tried to dupe Microsoft.

It's like the plot of a bad movie.

We'll be all over the next-gen Xbox news as it comes.

I still hope they pull the ultimate troll move and call the thing the Xbox 720. It's a terrible name, but at least we'll have fun with it on the Internet.