The Galaxy Nexus — Google's purebred Android smartphone — was announced by Samsung and Google last October during a press event in Hong Kong. We know that several manufacturers have been tapped to develop the next iteration of Google's naked Android handset, but we still don't have an idea on exactly when the device will launch. A new rumor suggests an announcement could occur soon which sounds about right to us.

Sources speaking to AndroidandMe said the device will be announced within 30 days and said it will run a fresh version of Android. We're guessing that means it will be Android 4.1.x Jelly Bean with a few enhancements, since it's too early for Google to get an entire new mobile OS out the door. Apparently the new Nexus smartphone has already been leaked, and sources suggest one model could be a slightly tweaked version of the LG Optimus G.

Hopefully we know more in the coming weeks.

[via AndroidandMe]