Apple is reportedly gearing up to launch its next major update to OS X Yosemite, its latest operating system, in the coming days. Apple has been testing OS X 10.10.2 with developers through preview releases for quite some time now, and according to 9to5Mac, it's ready for a primetime consumer release.

The site didn't name a specific day for the launch, though it's one you'll want to install on your computer because it includes several fixes. The biggest change in our book, and a bug that has pestered us since the original OS X Yosemite launch, is a fix that corrects issues related to Wi-Fi connectivity. 9to5Mac also said that Apple will include a feature that allows you to find content in Time Machine that has been stored in iCloud Drive.

Other changes, according to employees who spoke with 9to5Mac, include fixes to web page load times, improved audio through Bluetooth headphones, fixes to spotlight that actually disable remote email content when that option is selected, improvements to VoiceOver speech and more.

Hopefully a launch date will be announced soon.