No doubt, Tmo has been feeling a little left out since Apple put a nail in the coffin on AT&T‘s exclusivity, putting the iPhone 4S on all the other major carriers. But according to T-mobile CTO Neville Ray, that could change with the next-generation model.

Ray claims to have eyed some of Apple’s plans, and suggested that the next iPhone’s chipset may offer support for the carrier’s AWS radio bands. That would mean there’s nothing standing in the way of an i-friendly relationship between these two crazy kids — unless Apple intentionally wants to keep freezing T-mobile out. Or unless the device, as some people hope, supports 4G, which would give Cupertino a grand excuse to keep the phone away from the only carrier lacking LTE plans.

Having said that though, it also wouldn’t be beyond Apple to go for another triumphant boost in sales by putting its iconic device in the hands of the Magenta masses. If that comes to pass, how many of you would be snagging it?

[via Engadget]