Apple's next two iPhones were apparently bred under the supervision of Steve Jobs, a new report suggests. While meeting with Apple to try and find a solution to growing incidents of iPhone theft, the company allegedly revealed the information to San Francisco's District Attorney George Gascon, saying the next two handsets precede Tim Cook.

This could mean that Jobs spearheaded the iPhone 5S and possibly even the iPhone 6. Or, as we've been hearing lately, the late CEO may have had a hand in the 5S and cheaper iPhone, which could help Apple gain a bigger following in emerging markets. What about other projects supposedly brewing at Apple? Gascon didn't say, so it's unclear if something like the iWatch is a Jobs creation (or if it even exists).

Gascon wound up meeting with Apple to try and figure out a solution to the increasing amount of iPhone thefts, which actually isn't news in of itself. Gascon proposed a possible "kill switch" as a way to deter thieves, and that's when Apple reportedly unveiled the two upcoming iPhones preceded Cook, presumably to say Gascon's plan wasn't possible in the foreseeable future.

According to the SF Examiner, Gascon's discussions with Apple, along with previous talks with carriers, eventually lead to a dead end. While a kill switch sounds like a reasonable solution in theory, bricking a device would mean fewer iPhones on the street, even if some of them are stolen. So while we move past the Jobs era, Cook will need to find a way to deter thieves from targeting Apple users.