XBox One - Kinect - Sensor - Front - Large

It looks like the brand new Kinect announced during yesterday's Xbox One presentation will eventually make the jump from being exclusive to Microsoft's new console. The next-gen Kinect will eventually see a release on the PC platform, as well.

The news comes from two separate sources. Shacknews says that it's learned of the new Kinect's eventual PC release, and Polygon has a quote from Ben Kilgore, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President of Interactive Entertainment. Here Kilgore's response when Polygon asked if the new Kinect would hit Windows PCs:

"At some point down the line, yeah."

Considering that the original Kinect hit PCs roughly half a year after it was released for the Xbox 360, don't expect this new Kinect until at least this time next year.

Would you like to see a better Kinect sensor for the PC? Is this something you'd actually pick up?